Algem Natura

Algem Natura is a dynamic and modern company founded in 2015 out of a business idea of the entrepreneur Lorenzo Busignani.

The company is part of a corporate group founded in 1968 by the Busignani family; since then, important activities in different sectors of the food industry were developed.

Algem Natura daily work consists of researching and developing food supplements, natural and phytotherapic products containing plant extracts and selected raw materials. The company constantly starts new projects and collaborations aimed at promoting health and developing specific formulas to create modern and effective products that enhance human well-being.


Since 2015, Algem Natura is focused on the analysis, the study, experimentation and use of raw materials from nature. We use extracts derived from plants, leaves, fruits and roots whose properties have been extensively studied and proved. The nature combined to the use of the most innovative scientific techniques creates wonderful results.

Research & Development

Our work never stops: we constantly develop new projects aimed at promoting health and developing specific formulas that, starting from phytotherapy and herbal tradition, allow to create innovative and effective products to enhance human well-being.


Algem Natura Srl, Via XXVIII Luglio, 218,
47893 Borgo Maggiore (Repubblica di San Marino)
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